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We are a company of trusted, passionate travel specialists who create customized journeys for Indonesia destinations.

Varada is a young woman start this brilliant life ways to organize tour and help the people by the programs she does.She is Dayaknese, she was born at Kinipan village in central borneo, a remote place in Lamandau regency.

Everything in her life was changed when she moved to Pangkalan Bun city. Started her life in this city was hard and complicated, find so many palm oil companies and get hoter than jungle at the village made she think how to start a small thing by her ways.

However she has not any option at that moment, at the end she perforce to work for Palm oil company as an marketing manager. It was not working for long because she could not lie for what her passion.She back to the village and found still so many villager in bad condition because of economy.

She decided to looking for a job in Travel Agency in Pangkalan Bun city, she found it and worked for Borneo eco Tour and Borneo Holidays. They are travel agency who organize tour to Tanjung Puting National park to see Orangutan. Different mision she decide to stop to work for them.

The idea start from the palm oil and the people at the village, then she start to help the people to make Kapuak product as volounteer. Kapuak is the name for bark of the trees. They made these bark for selling, She and villagers make bag by handmade, then Varada helps the people to sell it by online.

It is connecting to what she has done bfore. She was helping to organize the people to come to Tanjung Puting National park. She decided to buy a Klotok. Her life is begin and growing. Klotok is a transportation to use to enter the jungle to see Orangutan. She then registered to the government to have a license as travel agency for organazing the tour in Borneo and some places in Indonesia.

Varada Borneo Tour is the company. Varada Borneo Tour is the Trade Mark of the company named PT.Varada Borneo Tour & Travel an under Indonesian Law Based Tourism Company, owned by Varada an indigenous dayak people who has a piece of experience in Tourism Industry, specially at the Indonesian part of Borneo. PT.Varada Borneo (Varada Borneo Tour) was established in August 2015

The mision of this company is to help and share. Help the people who would to come to Tanjung Puting National park to see 97% animal that similar to the human, it is the Orangutan. Share what you do and what you have. Share to local and get much experience from people around us.

This company is differ about programs and misions from the others. Enter to the jungle by two options boats: Standard and Big boat for are not using air conditioning. Varada Borneo Tour is not using palm oil product and Varada Borneo share 7% their profit to the local at Kapuak productions and some libraries in Lamandau regency and Kinipan village.

What is the reason why Varada Borneo Tour does not use air conditioning and palm oil product?

Varada say ” A lie to say that turn on the AC for 3 days or 4 days in the jungle without disturbing the people and animal around. In the fact, sound of generator is very annoying for visitor who park the boat farst 150 M from the boat who has AC and the animal around the river bank can not stay around it. For example proboscis monkey.

Tourism is for saving every spots that connect to, growing and give impact. We have to thank to the universe and jungle who save Orangutan and other animal, we can alive because of them, get profit and get much much value of life, so why do we have to annoy and let they live as they should live. Regarding palm oil, it is good for the people who has much land and money to make a field and get profit by fast way. But They don’t care about the impact and influence for future.

I can not stop them because it is about goverment and income for the worker ( local people ). Through this company, I would to save animal and help the people by the way I organize the tour and invite the people to do the same thing even more. I can not do more to help and change the situation. To Do Not use Palm Oil product and Do Not use AC on the boat, these is some things I can do”.

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JL. ahmad Yani RT.27 kel. Baru kec. Arut selatan, Pangkalan Bun. Central Borneo -Indonesia

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  •   JL. ahmad Yani RT.27 kel. Baru kec. Arut selatan, Pangkalan Bun. Central Borneo -Indonesia

  •    Counter: Arrival Lounge Iskandar Aiport, Pangkalan Bun

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